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Dr. Madhuri R. Thakar
Name : Dr. Madhuri R. Thakar
Designation : Scientist G
Division : Serology & Immunology
Email ID : [email protected], [email protected]
Area Of Interest : • Immune response in HIV infection: o Studies on immunological correlates of protection and absence of HIV disease progression. The cellular and antibody response is being studied in HIV infected patients with absence of disease progression, patients with progressive HIV infection and patients on treatment. Development of cohort of Long Term Non Progressors (LTNPs) to study the correlates of absence of disease progression. o HIV-specific antibodies such as ADCC mediating IgG antibodies is the major area of study: the epitope recognized by these antibodies from the LTNPs o Studies of various innate immune effector cells such as Natural killer cells, Natural killer T cells and HIV-specific CD4 and CD8 T cells in LTNPs o Studies of the mucosal immune response, both innate and HIV-specific, is being estimated to understand the mechanisms of HIV acquisition and resistance. • Quality Control in HIV laboratories o Working as In Charge of apex Laboratory developed to support National AIDS Control Programme (NACP). o Proficiency provider for the external quality assurance(proficiency) in HIV serology and CD4 count estimation in all laboratories under the NACP
Completed and Ongoing Projects
Awards and Honours
  • Research fellow  for  training  at  Pasteur  Institute  and  Hospital  Pitié-Salpêtrière  under  the collaborative programme titled ‘Immunoregulatory mechanism in mother to child HIV infection. Oct 2000- Feb 2001.
  • Recipient of ICMR Excellent Research Output Award for 2006-2009
  • Fogarty scholarship recipient for training on mucosal studies at Medical school in Hanover, New Hampshire US Dec 2008.
Work Experience

Work Experience

Post Held



Scientist F

National AIDS Research Institute, Pune, India

Aug 2015 till date

Scientist E

Sep 2010 to 2015

Scientist D

Aug 2007 to 2010

Senior research Officer

Aug 2002 to 2007

Research Assistant

Feb.93 to July 2002

Research Assistant

 National Institute of Virology, Pune, India

Nov 1990-Jan 93

Junior Research Fellow

May 1987-Oct 1990


List of Grant Recieved

List of grants received


Title of Project


Funding Agency



A multi-centric observational study to examine

replicative fitness and pathogenic properties of the emerging new viral strains of HIV-1 in India






Cohorts for HIV Resistance and Progression in

Indian Children and Adults (CoHRPICA)






Antibody-Dependent Cellular Cytotoxicity (ADCC): a

new frontier in vaccine research






Characteristics   of   cellular   effector   mechanisms

against HIV at cervicovaginal level in Indian women






Immunological  and  virological  characterization  of

recent HIV infection. (Principle Investigator)






Age-Related Blood Lymphocyte Subsets in Healthy

Indian Children – A Multicentric Study. A Task force study.





Determination of reference ranges for CD4+ T cell

counts and percentages for adult Indian population.






Assessment of innate and HIV-specific immune responses at systemic and genital level in HIV-1 infected Indian women.






A    Phase    I    Double-Blind,    Placebo-Controlled,

Randomized   Trial   to   Evaluate   the   Safety   and

Immunogenicity of TBC-M4, a multigenic MVA HIV Vaccine vs ADVAX, a multigenic DNA HIV Vaccine followed by TBC-M4, a multigenic MVA HIV Vaccine,






Indo-South     African     Initiative:     HIV     Vaccine

Immunogen Design: Identification of T-cell epitopes

associated with control of viral replication in Indian and South African HIV-1 infected individuals


DST, India



Diagnosis of active TB in HIV infected and uninfected young children in India





A   Phase   1   Randomized,   Placebo-   Controlled,

Double- Blind Dose-Escalation Trial to Evaluate the

Safety  and  Immunogenicity  of  tgAAC09,  a  gag- PRDRT AAV HIV Vaccine






Conference/Training/Workshop Attended

Conferences/Trainings/Workshops Attended

Training acquired:

  • Human Subjects Research Training: A web-based cour Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, USA. Sep.2009
  • Good Clinical Laboratory Practices, organized by PPD 23th to 25th Fe 2007.
  • Good clinical  Practices  under  the  ICMR  NACO-IAVI  sponsored  programme  for Immunogenicity testing in the phase I clinical trial of candidate HIV vaccine: 27th to 29th May 2004.
  • Distance Education Course on “Clinical Vaccine Trials: Planning and Implementation- an intensive eight week distance education cour Bloomberg School of Public Health, the Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA. April-May 2003
  • Multi country workshop on ELISPOT assays conducted by HPTN Central Immunology Laboratory, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA at National AIDS Research Institute, 7thto 11th April 2003.
Number of Publications : 78
List of Publications

List of Publications

1. Dharmendra Singh1, Jyoti Patankar1, Shubhangi Bichare1, Manisha Ghate2 and Madhuri Thakar1*Reduced Activation of CD4+ Regulatory T Cells is Associated With Preserved HIV- Specific CD8+ T Cells in Cohort of Indian Long Term Non Progressors (LTNPs). J Hum Virol Retrovirol 2017,

5(7): 00185

2.   Madhuri Thakar, Francis Angira,  Kovit Pattanapanyasat,  Alan H.B. Wu,  Maurice O’Gorman, Hui

Zeng, Chenxue Qu, Bharati Mahajan,   Kasama Sukapirom,   Danying Chen, D, Yu Hao, Yan Gong, Monika De Arruda Indig, Sharon Graminske, Diana Orta, Nicole d’Empaire, Beverly Lu,   Imelda Omana-Zapata, Clement Zeh. CD4 Lymphocyte Enumeration and Hemoglobin Assessment for Making Priority-Setting Decisions Regarding ART Initiation in Resource-Limited Settings: A Multisite Evaluation   of   the   BD   FACSPresto™   System.   Open   AIDS   J. 2017   Oct   24;   11:76-90.   doi:


3.   Aarti Mane, MD; Mansa Angadi; Pallavi Vidhate; Shilpa Bembalkar; Ishrat Khan; Shubhangi Bichare; Manisha Ghate; Madhuri Thakar. Characterization of vaginal lactobacilli from HIV-negative and HIV- positive Indian women and their association with genital HIV-1 shedding. Journal of Medical Microbiology, 2017, 66:1471-1475.

4.   Nehul    S, Kulkarni    A, Pawar    S, Godbole    S, Ghate    M, Thakar    M.    Cross-reactive influenza- specific antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity-mediating    antibodies    in    HIV-infected    Indian individuals. Infect Dis (Lond). 2017 Aug 4:1-9. doi: 10.1080/23744235.2017.1361547.

5.   Nawaj Shaikh, Vandana Saxena, Sudhanshu Pandey, Ajit Patil, and Madhuri Thakar. HECT Domain and RCC1-Like Domain-Containing Protein 5 (HERC-5) Gene Polymorphisms in HIV-1-Infected Individuals:    A    Study    from    India.    AIDS    Res    Hum    Retroviruses. 2017    Jul    24.    doi:


6.   Nawaj  Shaikh,  Akshay  Gupte,  Sujata  Dharmshale,  Supriya  Pokkali,  Madhuri  Thakar,  Vijay  J.

Upadhye, Alvaro A. Ordonez, Aarti Kinikar, Nikhil Gupte, Vidya Mave, Anju Kagal, Amita Gupta, Ajit Lalvani,  Ramesh  Paranjape,  Renu  Bharadwaj,  Sanjay  K.  Jain.  Novel  interferon  γ  assays  for diagnosing tuberculosis in young children in India, Int J Tuberc Lung Dis. 2017 Apr 1; 21(4):412-419. doi: 10.5588/ijtld.16.0428.

7.   Madhavi V, Kulkarni A, Shete A, Lee WS, Mclean MR, Kristensen AB, Ghate M, Wines BD, Hogarth PM, Parsons MS, Kelleher A, Cooper DA, Amin J, Emery S, Thakar M, Kent SJ. Effect of combination antiretroviral therapy on HIV-1-specific antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity responses in subtype  B-  and  subtype  C-infected  cohorts.  J  Acquir  Immune  Defic  Syndr. 2017  Mar  23.  doi:


8.   Singh  D, Ghate  M, Godbole  S, Kulkarni  S, Thakar  M.CD1d  restricted  Natural  killer  T  cells  are preserved in Indian long term non progressors (LTNPs).J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr.  2017 Feb 14. doi: 10.1097/QAI.0000000000001322. [Epub ahead of print]

9.   Saxena V, Bichare S, Singh D, Ghate M, Godbole S, Kulkarni S, Gangakhedkar R, Paranjape R, Thakar M. Short Communication: Low Immune Activation Is Associated with Higher Frequencies of Central Memory  T  Cell  Subset  in  a  Cohort  of  Indian  Long-Term  Non  progressors.  AIDS  Res  Hum Retroviruses. 2017 Feb;33(2):121-125

10. Archana Kulkarni, Swarali Kurle, Ashwini Shete, Manisha Ghate, Sheela Godbole, Vijaya Madhavi, Stephen Kent, Ramesh Paranjape, Madhuri Thakar. Indian Long Term Non Progressors show broad ADCC responses with preferential recognition of V3 region of Envelope and a region from Tat protein. Frontiers in Immunology 2017: 8(14) · January 2017, DOI: 10.3389/fimmu.2017.00005.

11. Ashwini Shete, Poonam Suryawanshi, Chetan Chavan, Archana Kulkarni, Sheela Godbole, Manisha Ghate and Madhuri Thakar. Development of IFN- secretory ELISPOT based assay for screening of ADCC responses. Journal of Immunological methods. 2017;441:49-55.

12. Varsha Kale, Archana Beri, Madhuri Thakar, Veenita Sinha Dar, Shilpa Bembalkar, Naresh Goel,

Arun Risbud and Ramesh Paranjape . Feasibility of Using Two versus Three Rapid Tests for HIV

diagnosis in India: Analysis of public health program data World Journal of AIDS 2017,7, 16-22.

13.   Dhamanage       A, Thakar       M, Paranjape       R.       Human Immunodeficiency Virus-1 Impairs IFN-

Alpha Production Induced by TLR-7 Agonist in Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells.   Viral   Immunol.    2017

Jan/Feb; 30 (1):28-34.

14.  Adrienne F.A. Meyers, Michèle Bergeron, Madhuri Thakar ,Tao Ding , Alexandre Martel, Paul Sandstrom, Bharati Mahajan, Philip Abraham, Sandhya Kabra, Namita Singh,  Trevor Peter ,T. Blake Ball. QASI: A Collaboration for Implementation of an Independent Quality Assessment Program in India. Afr J Lab Med. 2016;5(2), a442.

15.   Shete A, Suryawanshi P, Godbole S, Pawar J, Paranjape R, Thakar M HIV-infected CD4+ T Cells Use T-bet-dependent     Pathway      for     Production     of      IL-10      Upon      Antigen      Recognition. Scand J Immunol. 2016 Apr;83 (4):288-96. doi: 10.1111/sji.12422.

16.   Negi  N,   Vajpayee  M, Singh  R, Sharma  A, Murugavel  KG, Ranga  U, Thakar  M, Sreenivas  V, Das

BK.Cross-Reactive Potential of HIV-1 Subtype C-Infected Indian Individuals Against Multiple HIV-

1 PotentialT Cell Epitope Gag Variants. Viral Immunol. 2016 Nov 22. [Epub ahead of print]

17.   Pandey   SS, Cherian   S, Thakar   M, Paranjape   RS.   Short   Communication:   Phylogenetic   and Molecular Characterization   of Six Full-Length HIV-1 Genomes   from India Reveals a   Monophyletic Lineage of Indian Sub-Subtype A1.  AIDS  Res  Hum  Retroviruses. 2016,  ay;  32(5):  489-502.  doi:

10.1089/AID.2015.0207. Epub 2016 Feb 11.

18.   Ghate M., Mehendale S., Meyer R., Umlauf A., Deutsch R., Kamat R., Thakar M., Risbud A., Kulkarni S., et al.. The effects of antiretroviral treatment initiation on cognition in HIV-infected individuals with advanced disease in Pune, India. J. Neurovirol. 2015, 21 (4):391- 8.

19.   Ashwini Shete, Dharmesh P Singh, Bharati Mahajan, Amol Kokare, Ramesh Paranjape and Madhuri Thakar. Duplicate analysis method: a cheaper alternative to commercial IQC materials in limited resource settings for monitoring CD4 testing. AIDS Res Ther (2015) 12:25.

20.  Megha Antwal, Rohan Gurjar, Shweta Chidrawar, Jyoti Pawar, Sunil Gaikwad, Narayan Panchal, Varsha  Kale,  Madhuri  Thakar,  Arun  Risbud &  Srikanth  Tripathy  Clinical  profile  of  HIV  infected patients attending a HIV referral clinic in Pune, India. Indian J Med Res 140, August 2014, pp 271-


21.  Patel  P,  Ansari  M,  Bapat  S,  Thakar  M,  Gangakhedkar  R,  Jameel  S.  The  microRNA  miR-29a  is

associated with human immunodeficiency virus latency. Retrovirology. 2014 Dec; 11: 108.

22.  Ashwini Shete, Madhuri Thakar, S.M. Mehendale and R.S. Paranjape. Is prime boost strategy a promising approach in HIV vaccine development? J AIDS Clin Res 2014:5:293

23.  Kulkarni AG, Paranjape RS, Thakar MR. Higher Expression of Activating Receptors on Cytotoxic NK Cells is Associated with Early Control on HIV-1C Multiplication. Front Immunol. 2014 May 16;5: 222. doi: 10.3389/fimmu.2014.00222. e Collection 2014.

24.  Thakar M, Patil R, Shukre S, Bichare S, Kadam P, Khopkar P, Ghate M, Paranjape R. Genital tumor growth factor-β1 levels in HIV-infected Indian women are associated with reduced levels of innate antimicrobial  products  and  increased  HIV  shedding.  AIDS  Res  Hum  Retroviruses.  2014  Jul;  30 (7):648-53. doi: 10.1089/AID.2013.0030.

25.  Sanjay K. Jain, Alvaro Ordonez, Aarti Kinikar, Nikhil Gupte, Madhuri Thakar, Vidya Mave, Jennifer Jubulis, Sujata    Dharmshale, Shailaja    Desai, Swarupa    Hatolkar, Anju    Kagal, Ajit    Lalvani, Amita Gupta, and Renu Bharadwaj. Pediatric Tuberculosis in Young Children in India: A Prospective Study. BioMed Research International, vol. 2013, Article ID 783698, 2013. doi:10.1155/2013/783698.

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27.  Thakar M, Mahajan B, Joshi T, Sane S, Paranjape R.CD4 estimating reagents in dry format are compatible with conventional flow cytometer; FACSCalibur for estimation of absolute CD4 count & percentages. Indian J Med Res. 2013 Feb; 137 (2):346-55.

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10.1371/journal.pone.0055831. Epub 2013 Feb 13.

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31.  Mane, A., S. Kulkarni, M. Ghate, A. Risbud, and M. Thakar, HIV-1 RNA shedding in the female genital tract  is  associated with  reduced  quantity of Lactobacilli  in clinically asymptomatic HIV-positive women. Diagn Microbiol Infect Dis, 2013.

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34.  Shete, A., M. Thakar, D.P. Singh, R. Gangakhedkar, A. Gaikwad, J. Pawar, and R. Paranjape, Short communication: HIV antigen-specific reactivation of HIV infection from cellular reservoirs: implications in the settings of therapeutic vaccinations. AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses, 2012. 28(8): p.


35.  Kulkarni, A., R. Paranjape, and M. Thakar, Expansion of defective NK cells in early HIV type 1C

infection: a consequence of reduced CD161 expression. AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses, 2012. 28(1): p.


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38.  Shete, A.V., M.R. Thakar, S.P. Tripathy, C. Raut, S. Chakrabarti, and R.S. Paranjape, T-cell Epitopes Identified by BALB/c Mice Immunized with Vaccinia Expressing HIV-1 Gag lie within immunodominant Regions Recognized by HIV-infected Indian Patients. J Glob Infect Dis, 2011. 3(3): p. 246-53.

39.  Ringe,  R.,  D.  Sharma,  S.  Zolla-Pazner,  S.  Phogat,  A.  Risbud,  M.  Thakar,  R.  Paranjape,  and  J.

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lymphocyte counts in healthy adult Indians. Indian J Med Res, 2010. 132: p. 667-75.

44. Ringe, R., M. Thakar, and J. Bhattacharya, Variations in autologous neutralization and CD4 dependence of b12  resistant HIV-1 clade C env clones obtained at different time points from antiretroviral naive Indian patients with recent infection. Retrovirology, 2010. 7: p. 76.

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and postpartum Indian women who require antiretroviral therapy. J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr,

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