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Institutional Committees Of NARI

The decision making process, including channels of supervision and accountability is governed by the various committees constituted to guide the Director with respect to various issues. The institutional committees are:
Sr. No. Name of the Committee Purpose/ Mandate Composition
1. Purchase Committeee This committee monitor whether the appropriate purchase procedures has been followed for the all the purchases before placing the PO Dr. Seema Sahay (Chairperson), Dr. Madhuri Thakar, Dr. Vijay Nema, Dr. Sandip Patil, Administrative Officer and Accounts Officer
2. Complaints Committee on Sexual Harassment of Working Women Women Safety Committee is to investigate the reports of women’s harassment in the institute and ensure the safety of women employees. Dr. Seema Sahay (Chairperson), Dr. Sanjeevani Kulkarni, Dr. S.M. Shahbuddin and Ms. Shraddha Gaikwad
3. Canteen Committee Canteen Committee is responsible to oversee overall canteen related matters and ensure provision of hygienic food to the staff members. Dr. Amrita Rao (Chairperson), Dr. Sangeeta Kulkarni, Dr. S.M. Shahbuddin, Ms. Swati Gaikwad and Ms. Suvarna Sane
4. Ph.D.Committee This committee supervises the progress of the institutional Ph.D. students periodically Dr. Madhuri Thakar (Chairperson) , Dr. Seema Sahay, Dr. Vijay Nema and Dr. Anupam Mukherjee
5. Bio-Safety Committee This committee ensures that all the bio safety norms are followed and appropriate training has been given to the concern staff working in laboratory and clinics. Dr. Arati Mane (Chairperson), Dr. Madhuri Thakar, Dr. M.V. Ghate, Dr. Vijay Nema, Mr. Micheal Periera and Mr. Rajendra Yelgate
6. Library Committee The Library Committee helps to lay down and review the Library policies and rules relating to proper management of the library, staff, budget, collection development and services. Dr. Pallavi Shidhaye (Chairperson), Dr. Seema Sahay, Dr. Vandana Saxena, Dr. S. M. Shahabuddin and Ms. Swati Gaikwad
7. Building committee The committee looks after the maintenance of the NARI premises. Dr. Suchit Kamble (Chairperson), Dr. Vijay Nema, Mrs. Swati Gaikwad and Mr. Vishal Bhosale
8. Hindi Committee The committee is responsible for implementing the provisions of constitution relating to the offcial langauge Act, 1963 (19 of 1963) and the use of Hindi-Rajbhasha in office work. Dr. Samiran Panda (Chairperson), Dr. Seema Sahay (Working Chairperson), Mr. Vinod Chavan (Member Secretary), Ms. Rajani Bagul, Ms. Sushma Jadhav, Ms. Asmita Kadhe, and Mr. Atul Sirsat
9. Condemnation Committee The condemnation committee takes decsion about the disposal and condemnation of the equipments, furniture and other material in the institutte which is non functional, unrepairable or upgradation is not possible. The condemnitaion procedure are reviwed and moniotred by the committee. Prof. Suresh Gosavi (C), Dr. Sunit Rane, Dr. Vijay Nema, Dr. Suchit Kamble, Ms. V.V. Shendye and Ms. Swati Gaikwad
10. Translation Research Committee --------------- Dr. S.V. Godbole (Chairperson), Dr. M.V. Ghate and Dr. Swarali Kurle
11. Drug Committee --------------- Dr. Abhijit Kadam (Chairperson), Dr. M. V. Ghate, Dr. Ashwini Shete, Dr. Sampada Dhayarkar, Ms. Swati Gaikwad and Mr. Kumar Vaidya
12. Public Grievance Cell This is an institutional committee aimed at providing the employees with a platform for redressal of their grievances. If they have any grievance against institute/ department, they may lodge their grievance here which will go to the Institute/Department concerned for immediate redress. Dr. M. V. Ghate (Chairperson), Dr. S. V. Godbole, Dr. Hari Om Singh and Ms. Swati Gaikwad
13. Good Research Practice & Research Misconduct Committee To investigate the complaints of any research misconduct reported in the institute. Dr. Vandana Saxena (Research Integrity Officer), Dr. Megha Mamulwar (Coordinator – Conduct of Research), Dr. Amrita Rao, Ms. Shilpa Bembalkar and Dr. S.M. Shahbuddin
14. Safety and Security Committee Managing security issues during renovation activities. Dr. Vijay Nema (Chairperson), Dr. Vandana Saxena, Ms. Swati Gaikwad, Mr. Vishal Bhosale, Mr. Amit Nirmalkar, Dr. Madhuri Thakar, Mr. Ajit Patil, Dr. S,.M. Shahbuddin, Mr. Biji George, Dr. Anupam Mukherjee and Dr. Amrita Rao
15. Quality Management Committee --------------- Dr. Madhuri Thakar (Chairperson), Dr. Manisha Ghate , Dr. Smita Kulkarni, , Dr. Arati Mane, Dr. Amrita Rao and Dr. Sangeeta Kulkarni
16. Swacchha Bharat Committee To plan and facilitate the activities initiated by Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Govt. of India. Dr. Samiran Panda (Chairperson), Dr. Suchit Kamble (Working Chairperson), Dr. Abhijit Kadam, Mr. Michael Periera, Dr. S.M. Shahbuddin, Ms. Radhika Brahme, Ms. Shilpa Bembalkar and Mr. Vishal Bhosale
17. Maintenance and Permit to Work --------------- Dr. Madhuri Thakar, Ms. Swati Gaikwad and Mr. Michael Periera
18. Internal Grievance Committee --------------- Dr. Seema Sahay (Chairperson), Dr. Manisha Ghate, Dr. Suchit Kamble and Mrs. Sunita Kumbhar
19. Quality Assurance Committee --------------- Dr. Madhuri Thakar (Chairperson), Dr. Sangeeta Kulkarni, Mrs. Varsha Kale, Mrs. Bharati Mahajan, Mr. Michael Periera and Mr. Ajit Patil