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ICMR - National AIDS Research Institute
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Divisional Highlights


Immunology and Serology division of ICMR-NARI works on multiple facets of HIV infection such as, understanding the HIV pathogenesis in order to identify better correlates of immune protection using the non-progressive HIV disease as a model of functional control over HIV. Our research primarily focuses on different effector cells of immune system and the innate factors such as microRNA both in circulation as well as at mucosal sites. We are also carrying out a series of projects on humoral antibody responses particularly antibody dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC). HIV latency, the obstacle in HIV cure is another area of interest in our group and we are studying different mechanisms such as ADCC and cytotoxic effector cells such as NK, CD8+ T cells etc. in clearing activated latent HIV reservoirs. Additionally our interest lies in common co-infections like tuberculosis and HPV observed in HIV infected patients. Translational research involving markers such as galectin-9 as a surrogate for HIV viral load is being conducted. The division is involved in different studies requiring biomarker testing on ‘Dried Blood Spot’ samples. We also work closely with the National AIDS Control Programme by monitoring the quality of serological diagnosis, providing the proficiency for HIV serology and CD4 count estimation. Further the diagnostic kits procured by the programme are also being evaluated.